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Durarara!! Shizuo Izaya's Distorted Love

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 8, 2015, 6:12 PM
Let me start off by saying while others have thought that there love is unrequited, it’s not, Durarara!! is a Distorted Love story and not One Sided. so naturally there love is twisted.
             I actually have more then one theory here, as I had thought about it and had come up with a few

1. They are just both confusing love as hate
        although love and hate appear to be polar opposites, both are actually very easy to confuse , scientists who have studied the physical nature of hate have found that some of the nervous circuits in the brain responsible for it are the same as those that are used during the feeling of romantic love. One major difference between love and hate appears to be in the fact that large parts of the cerebral cortex – associated with judgement and reasoning – become de-activated during love, whereas only a small area is deactivated in hate.
Izaya and Shizuo seem to forget judgment and reasoning when they are fighting , which as said above is deactivated during love, even seeming to forget about the people who can get hurt during there fights. there focused on trying to murder each other, forgetting something as simple as using words instead of knives and fists or vending machines and street signs in Shizuo’s case . I would say they don’t want to kill each other, they want to fuck each other are just confused about how they feel.


2. there both afraid to admit there true feelings so they decided to claim hate
       Izaya:   When Izaya was fourteen & his sisters Mairu & Kururi where six , this was the start of there parents leaving them to go on trips for long periods of times, forcing Izaya to basically take the role of a parent while he was really still a child himself. I believe very  early in the time he was left alone with his sisters he started to feel like they where abandoned as there parents seemed to care more about there job over sea’s then there own kids. this could have happened during the the break before he got into high school or even his last year of middle school, and he had yet to meet Shizuo as they had met on the first day of high school, not only that but up until the twins where born , Izaya was used to getting lots of attention since he was an only child for the first eight years of his life and was already a bit jealous of his sisters because he had always been spoiled by there parents before they where born. because of how his parents where I believe Izaya is afraid that If he and Shizuo where to become a couple that he would just leave him like his parents did.
     Shizuo: while yes, Shizuo does throw very heavy objects that no other human could pick up and throws them at Izaya , and they do sometimes manage to actually hit him, I believe Shizuo really dos’nt want to hurt Izaya , he’s trying to push Izaya away because he fears the closer he gets the more liikely he will get killed without that even being what Shizuo ment to do. he means for them to be threats thoue sometimes they go a lot farther then that do to Shizuo rarely able to control his anger. he claims hate only trying to push Izaya away.

3. They both love each other but for know only Izaya has realized it and will take any attention from Shizuo he can get  while Shizuo still blind about his love(I wouldn’t call this one sided as they still both love eachother even if only one has realized it)
     Izaya knows Shizuo is strong, stronger then any other man he’s ever met, he knows Shizuo could easily crush his skull with his bare hands, yet he still chooses to provoke him. only to take his chance when he has it and flee’s. he just wants Shizuo’s attention even if one day it does get him killed.        in a translation someone did ,I did see Izaya say this unrequited love but I believe thats because he dosnt realize Shizuo loves him back this is only Izaya thinking he’s in an unrequited love while truly it’s distorted

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